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In 2008, three young founders of HASLE shared a seemingly very simple vision: Let’s build a renewable energy company in Hungary on the highest standards of the developed world. Throughout the years we have learned a lot, changed some directions, adapted to the challenges after hard decisions, but the above vision and purpose remained the same. We got inspiration from the early days of the Hungarian cell provider and wireless market skyrocketing improvements back in the late ’90s. Hungary is still among the leaders in mobile service quality and development after twenty years, simply because no one has ever questioned in Hungary that the best resources and solutions should be adopted from the most developed countries. Like a proverb says: they are walking in the same shoes. The renewable energy business offers different opportunities for the nations and companies, but beyond doubt, the whole market was born not long ago, so let’s keep the pace with the vanguards.

Our story established on three strong pillars: highest quality without compromise, forward-looking and save planning procedures but open to bold and determined innovations. We want to take advantage of a surging and still-changing renewable energy market. Our team is ready to solve energy problems and make new ideas and innovations real. Producing energy usually is a combination of hard and complex tasks. You have to manage simultaneously different engineering, technological and economic jobs to get things done well. That is why we have our own energetic expert, mechanical engineer, mechatronic engineer, hydrologist, mining engineer, environmental management engineer, architect, economist, drilling specialist, mechanic, technician and manual worker. That is why we have special equipment for every special work phase. We are not just planning and counting. We are not just drilling, piping, and building primary engine rooms. We invent, construct and supervise the whole process from start to finish. This is not just a work for us, this is a creative passion.


You can easily judge a company based on the intention of why it was founded. Do the founders have that precise motivation everyone can nod soothingly? Well, back in 2008 we asked ourselves a catchy and a bit naive question: 'What would you recommend to teenagers or to our own kids on which type of business would offer the best excitement and lifelong passion?' We decided if we find the best answer we will put all our energy and focus into that field for the next 10 to 20 years as this could be the future market for us where we can compete and win. Three of our answers were strong and definite: automation and software engineering, modern medical technologies, renewable energy. We were around 30 years old, none of us graduated as a computer engineer or as an MD…



It is inevitable for both smaller and bigger communities, to rethink and reshape their investment plans in order to make environmentally conscious, energy efficient projects, and try to exploit locally accessible energy resources. The utilization of renewable energy can be optimized through strategic planning from the scale of a village to cities and beyond, a whole region. Good practices and pilots are accessible in Europe and in the United States, you have to care for only the application of the special local circumstances.

Every local community needs trustworthy partners from planning to finishing projects because these developments require a significant amount of time, energy and attention to details. The European Union and ever more citizens also urge the municipalities to respond to the energy challenges and find their path to clean and renewable energy. Expensive district heat, high energy bills, lack of smartly controlled energy consumption systems, unused possibilities of locally accessible energy resources like biomass. We can help to solve all energy related problems bear in mind the importance of making jobs too.


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